BECAUSE U WILL NOT LET ME CONTACT YOU ON YOUR VERY INFAMOUS EMAIL ADRESS. i will continue to contact you via this site form. you are being arrested immediately for posing as my friend and foe for the rolling stone article, christopher. you know i am not 300 pound laura southworth and u know i am the girl in almost every video nad pic of kiki kannibal and u still posted my media as someone else. aka kristen russel. do not test me mr stone, i am dead serious i got your latest death threat &urdone!

I’m gonna hunt you down & eat you for dinner.

How do we summon you back to the internet? I will gladly sacrifice my boyfriend's straightboy asshole if you'll come back and put some of these new e-celebs in their place.

Submit a pic of your BF.



You blog is a great read- have you considered writing a book? I think that could be very successful. Also, reading your post about Shawn Spencer and Amor I feel very sad for them that things turned out that way for them. You said somewhere that Amors life isnt the glamorous picture she paints online- is this true for a lot of the others? And if that's the case what was their day to day life really like when they weren't on camera?

One question per Ask, please.

Oh man, i'm so glad i found this again. StickyDrama was the shit (or is the shit, your choice) when MySpace was still hot.

I prefer to believe that linear time—with a past, present and future—is an illusion; that all moments in eternity are part of the same existence; and therefore StickyDrama is always the shit.

First off I wanted to say you are teh hottest thing to hit the net since Jeffree Star. Secondly I wanted to let you know that I am your new stalker. Thirdly! I was off in lala land when MySpace and the 'Scene' was big, can you fill me in on what fun I missed?~

All three of your points make me want to find you, barf all over you and then kill you. 

Can this classist “Stickydrama” douche be reported for harassment?

You can report me until your fingers bleed from typing. The legal definition of harassment requires specific elements that my actions will not meet.

My age does not invalidate anything, although I’m disappointed that you were too chickenshit even to try, felolenenok. And I’m glad that you know exactly who I am, because now you know what’s coming for you. Moreover, by avoiding the issue of your identity, you’ve confirmed that under the veil of anonymity you are indeed a bunch of scared little girls. You think that anonymity is invincibility, but you’re very wrong, ladies. Wrong, and weak. All you little bitches can do is orchestrate coordinated attacks, which I grant can be highly annoying; but you have no clue how to defend yourselves.

So what will you do when shit gets real? Report me to the tumblr police? To the real police? Go right ahead: I haven’t done anything that would result in any action against me by law enforcement. You can’t even get this tumblr account banned! And what can you post about me that hasn’t been posted already? All you little bitches can do is gossip, whereas I can shatter your lives—your real, offline lives—into a million pieces. Lives can end in ways that do not constitute a crime in any legal sense.

You’re about to have a much bigger problem than a thin goth who photoshops herself.


Swimming in the collective unconscious and suddenly being sucked down into Hell.

Dis-le moi… dis-le moi, océan (à moi seul, pour ne pas attrister ceux qui n’ont encore connu que les illusions), et si le souffle de Satan crée les tempêtes qui soulèvent tes eaux salées jusqu’aux nuages.



lol come at me bro I saw you just started following me- ‘stickydrama’- and if you’re going to threaten freelice why not start with me eh? you’re about as threatening as a chainletter warning me of ‘untold bad luck’ if I don’t forward to ‘7 friends right away!!’.

You are way…

"Like all freelicers"
Last time I checked, I use my personal blog when I voice against Felice Fawn. Don’t generalise.

Your personal blog is just that, a personal blog—i.e. not a Freelice blog.

Do you consider yourself a Freelicer? By the electrostatic balls of Thor, why?! Well, we all have our guilty little pleasures. (Myself, I lick boys’ assholes.) I hate to break it to you, but unless you run another blog that entirely masks your personality and is exclusively devoted to trashing Felice, you are not a Freelicer. I can see that you agree with Freelicers’ posts; but mere agreement with their posts does not a Freelicer make, just as disliking Felice does not a Freelicer make. You don’t even have a single image of Felice on your blog’s first page, whereas the hallmark of Freelice is an obsessive fixation with her. No one could guess that you have any interest in Freelice by glancing at your tumblr.

"All Freelicers" is not a generalization in this case, because the definition of a Freelicer encompasses those traits. You do not have those traits because you are not a Freelicer, unless you operate a more conventional Freelice blog. If you do operate a Freelice blog, I suppose then I will admit to generalizing. However, even if you have an alternate blog, all Freelicers are guilty of the same overall offenses by virtue of espousing the Freelice ideology and supporting its members. The typical Freelice mantra of “we are all individuals, so do not impute Freelice’s behavior as a group to any one Freelicer” is not a tenable position. Not in American jurisprudence, anyway. Guilt by association, or association-in-fact, is a well-established doctrine that has been used to prosecute individuals who belong to members of an illicit group with no formal or official membership and who might not have actually committed a particular act for which they are charged. While I do not hold all Freelicers accountable for every single Freelice post, I do hold all Freelicers accountable for Freelice’s core tactics of harassment.